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What is RIIPA?

Tosh Minohara, Chairman

The recent geopolitical shifts taking place in the Indo-Pacific region highlight the importance of deepening the understanding among the countries which share common values in the region. They also make clear the pressing need for exchange and discussion between civilians and security experts in uniform. With this as the chief motive, RIIPA was established in Kobe, Japan on April 2019. However, true to our motto, “Cogitamus, ergo Agimus (We think, therefore we act),” RIIPA aims to be much more than a think tank therefore strives to be a non-profit organization that can act proactively in order to contribute to the stability and peace of the region. In order to achieve these objectives, RIIPA will organize an annual symposium – RIPPA International Security Symposium in Kansai – (RISSK), seminars – Indo-Pacific Security Forum (IPSEF) – JSDF base visits – RIIPA Field Seminars (RFS) and exchanges with neighboring democracies.

Event information

4th July: IPSEF@Osaka Univ. Nakanoshima Center (Zoom available)


1st August: :【年次シンポ】RISSK@神戸大学六甲台キャンパス(Zoom not available)

12th September: RAMBLS @アリストンホテル神戸 

 「日米同盟の現状と課題(仮)」(加藤良三元駐米大使 -カルコン日本・委員長)

17th October: IPSEF @HAT神戸地方合同庁舎(ZOOM併用)

21st November:RAMBLS @アリストンホテル神戸

 「現在および将来の日伯関係について(仮)」 (Eduardo Paes Saboia - 駐ブラジル大使)

19th December: IPSEF兼忘年会@神戸大・大阪凌霜クラブ

  • イベント開催会場は原則としてアリストンホテル神戸となります。他の会場となる場合もございますので、随時当HPやメールにてご案内する情報をご確認くださいますよう、お願い申し上げます。

  • ​非会員の方のイベント参加は、会員の方同伴の場合に限らせていただきます。ご理解のほどよろしくお願い申し上げます。




・9月19日(土)AM9:00〜:Zoom Webimar(zoomオンラインのみ、英語・通訳なし)

 "Mexico, Japan and the US relations amid the emerging new normal"





RIIPA-Guadalajara University joint webin

Our Activities

Supporting realistic action-directed discussion of security issues on the basis of raw intelligence.


RIIPA International Security Symposium
in Kansai

RISSK invites professional from various security related fields as well politicians to provide a key note lecture followed by a panel discussion. The 2019 symposium was held on May 11th at HAT Kobe, and the key note lecturer was JASD Lt. General Hiroshi Kaminotani, Commander of the Southwest Air Defense Force.


Indo-Pacific Security Forum

IPSEF is a security study seminar usually held four times a year. For FY2019, we convened sessions in July, October, December, and March. IPSEF will be held in either Kobe or Osaka.


RIIPA Field Seminar

RIIPA organizes JSDF base visits in order to observe and learn the security realties on the frontline. These are held once or twice a year. In 2019, we visited Miyako, Yonaguni (June) and Maizuru (Sept. 9).

Activity Records

The 1st RAMBLS (RIIPA AMBssador Lecture Session) was held.
(September 12, 2020)

The 2nd RISSK was held.
(August 1, 2020)

Dr. Minohara participated in the Video Meeting sponsored by the Autonomous University of Lisbon and the National Defense Research Institute of Portugal.
(June 24, 2020)

Dr. Minohara joined Video Meeting held by

Hudson Institute.

​(June 17, 2020)

Honorary Advisors

Yutaka Murakawa

Former Chief of Staff, JMSDF

Kimihiko Kishikawa

Lt. General
Former Commander Western Army, JGSDF


Junichi Araki

Lt. General

Air Training Command, JASDF

Tadashi Nishihara

Research Institute for Peace and Security

Former President
National Defense Academy

Kazutoshi Murao

Council Chairman
Cyber Tekijuku Business School,
Kansai Association of Corporate Executives

Former CEO
NTT West


Brochures in other languages

Please refer to these brochures in other than Japanese and English languages.

Cogitamus, Ergo Agimus

We think, therefore we act

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