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RIIPA Honorary Advisor


Kimihiko Kishikawa

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

Former Chief of Staff, Former Chubu area

In the 21st century, in an era of unprecedented dynamism, in the Indo-Pacific region, where instability, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are increasing, countries in the region are at peace, stability and In order to continue to enjoy prosperity, it is essential to promote diverse and multi-layered mutual understanding among countries.

Under these circumstances, the establishment of the Research Institute for Indo-Pacific Studies, an NPO that aims to build and strengthen a "community of values" through intellectual and human exchanges, has just gained a sense of success in responding to the needs of the times. We will continue to contribute to the Indo-Pacific region through our bold guidelines and recommendations and various human exchange activities.

Biography of Honorary Advisor Kishikawa

After joining the Ground Self-Defense Force in 1984, he was appointed as an executive in the facility department. Belongs to the 5th facility battalion. In 1990, he was the commander of the battalion. In 1993, he was in charge of regional security at the Security Policy Division, General Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After that, he was in charge of information, education and training, logistics, etc. at the Ground Staff Office. In 2003, he was promoted to 1st class Colonel, studied abroad at the US Army War College in the same year, and obtained a master's degree in strategy theory. In 2006, he was the head of the 6th facility group, and the following year, he was the head of the public relations office in the Ground Staff Office. After being promoted to Assistant Land General in 2009, he has served as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Western Army, Chief of the 1st Facility, Chief of the General Research Department of the Ground Self-Defense Force Research Headquarters, and Chief of the 14th Brigade. In 2015, promoted to land general. Worked for Kumamoto for one year as the 8th Division Commander. During this time, he responded as a local commander during the Kumamoto earthquake. After that, as the secretary of the National Defense Academy, engaged in the education of executive candidates for land, sea and air. From 2017, he retired in August 2019 after responding to heavy rains in western Japan as the general manager of the Chubu area. Currently an honorary advisor to the Research Institute for Indo-Pacific Studies (RIIPA).

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