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The Background of RIIPA

Recent geopolitical shifts in the Indo-Pacific region have been nothing short of momentous. The rise of Asia has laid to rest many of the verities of the Cold War and of the Atlantic-centric order on which it was based. The collapse of this system has engendered new tensions. In this situation, it has become ever more important that the countries of the region deepen their understanding of one another. In the digital age, this mutual understanding cannot be limited to politicians and an intellectual elite, but must extend to the general public as well. With this in mind, we established RIIPA in April 2019. Our aim is to promote exchanges between experts and laypeople in the region and promote a broad-based understanding of security.

Activities and goals

  • Contribute to maintain the stability, peace and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region

  • Sustain and strengthen “community values” through intellectual and people to people exchange

  • Promote further interest and deepen the level of understanding surrounding Japan’s security environment

  • Increase awareness of security related issues in in the general public and expand it beyond the realm of defense officials and security experts

  • Breaking down sectional barriers, and engaging in proactive mutual exchanges among scholars, military, politicians, civil servants, and business people, etc.

Our Logo

In the logo background, a map of vast Indo-Pacific area is situated, as this is the primary concern of RIIPA. The "I" in the middle of "RIIPA" is represented with a white sword on a red background. This is "the Sword of Damocles," which conveys the message that one should never neglect to prepare for an unknown crisis in the future. The red represents Japan. Underneath this is our Latin motto, "Cogitamus, ergo agimus" which translates to “We think, therefore we act.”

Annual Schedule of Activities:

  • RISSK (once a year, in May or June)
    "RIIPA International Security Symposium in Kansai": this is a symposium open to the public, held annually

  • IPSEF (4 times a year; December in conjunction with a bonenkai)
    "Indo-Pacific Security Forum": seminars given by security/diplomacy experts of the field; one session will be devoted to young scholars. Non-members may attend upon paying a registration fee of JPY 3,500

  • RFS (1-2 times a year)
    "RIIPA Field Seminar": held once a year in cooperation with the JSDF Hyogo Provincial Cooperation Office; this base visit event is open to members only or those invited by the chairman (Priority is given to the RIIPA members due to limited capacity, up to 10 people).

  • In addition:
    We also promote and host visits by neighboring democracies in conjunction with EL Policy Institute in South Korea. In addition, the chairman and other officers will participate in overseas conferences that align with the values of RIIPA.

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