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​Inauguration words

RIIPA Honorary Advisor


Yutaka Murakawa

Former Chief of Staff, Maritime Chief

Thirty years after the end of the Cold War and the expected fall of the Berlin Wall, the world is expected to enter an era of cooperation, and on the contrary, competition and confrontation between major powers is becoming more severe.
For Japan, which is adjacent to North Korea, which possesses nuclear weapons, in addition to China and Russia, which are aiming to change the existing international order, the "free and open Indo-Pacific region" will continue with many countries that share values, including the United States. It is extremely important to let them do it.
To that end, I feel that it is necessary for many people to be aware of the current situation and to expand sound and realistic discussions.
The NPO Research Institute for Indo-Pacific Studies (RIIPA) was established and has been appointed as an honorary advisor. Based on this, I would like to make an effort for RIIPA to play a role as a compass that shows the course to the future for Japan and the world.

Biography of Honorary Advisor Murakawa

Born in January 1958, from Kanagawa prefecture. Currently working as a special counselor for NTT DATA Corporation. After graduating from the National Defense Academy in 1981, he joined the Maritime Self-Defense Force. After that, he worked mainly in logistical support positions and was promoted to Rear Admiral in 2008. Worked as Deputy General Manager of the General Affairs Department of the Maritime Staff Office, Commander of the Hanshin Base Corps, Director of the 4th Science School, and General Manager of the Personnel Education Department of the Maritime Staff Office. After being promoted to Maritime General in 2013, he was assigned as Chief of Staff, Maritime Self-Defense Force Supply Headquarters, and Deputy Chief of Staff, Maritime Staff, and worked as Chief of Staff, Maritime Staff from December 2016 to April 2019. After retiring, he became an honorary advisor to the Research Institute for Indo-Pacific Affairs.

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